Gregg Mecham is a true Portland native.  Happily married with five children and a dozen grandchildren, he is devoted to his family, faith, and community.  For over 25 years he has enthusiastically supported local charities, food banks, a homeless shelter, and has mentored youth in the community.  He is currently mentoring a seniors program at George Fox University.  In his “spare” time, he enjoys international travel, hiking, nature photography, and woodworking.


Gregg’s entire professional career has revolved around the real estate industry.  For much of his career he has been a commercial mortgage banker, commercial real estate broker, and investor.  More recently, he has focused on investing and private development of commercial properties.  He thrives on transforming a piece of bare ground into a vibrant and flourishing commercial venture that provides services and employment for residents in the community.  He currently owns and manages over a dozen successful companies.

Gregg is active in the aviation community, with memberships in several professional organizations, including National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), Oregon Aviation Industries (ORAVI), and Airway Science for Kids (ASK).

Personal Philosophy

Gregg continues to focus on developing quality, long-term relationships both personally and professionally, many of which span several decades.  He believes in helping other people realize their goals by creating “win-win” scenarios; you will often hear him counseling young people that the best way to be truly happy and successful in life is to follow the “golden rule.”


Gregg Mecham
Owner/Private Developer

Office: 503-665-6699
Cell: 503-515-6699
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