Mecham Air Center Juliet Campus is a 6.25 acre site located on the Juliet Taxiway on Portland International Airport’s 11,000’ long south runway.  The Port of Portland has designated this portion of PDX’s Southside Campus for air cargo and maintenance uses.

The MAC Juliet Campus is being master planned for a total of 120,000 sq ft of hangar & office space.  This campus will be ideally suited for MRO’s and associated industries.  The largest hangars can have 45’–50’ high fully floating hangar doors to accommodate Boeing 737 and 757 class aircraft. The hangars are fully insulated, have efficient natural gas radiant heat, LED lights, and ample natural lighting with 12’ high clerestory light panels and “white-out” interiors.  Options include wall liners (bump panels), epoxy floors, 27’ diameter industrial ceiling fans, ramp electrical outlets, compressed air, and backup generators.

There will be ample vehicle parking on the public side, and multiple AOA gates for easy ramp side access.  

Early signing tenants have many options for office buildouts, including custom executive office amenities, shop offices and secure interior storage.  You can customize your space with our interior architects, or use your own interior designers.

And Oregon has no sales tax, making it an exceptionally attractive West Coast location for conducting business and registering aircraft.

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