The Mecham Air Center Ameriflight (AMF) complex was completed in early 2016.  This complex has 12,000 sq ft of hangar space with 80’ x 28’ high fully floating hangar doors, and 4,000 sq ft of executive and general office space.  Located in the Air Trans Business Center, this facility has its own private one acre ramp, bordering the taxiway to PDX’s south runway. 

The interior of the hangar is clear span, features polished, sealed concrete floors, ample natural lighting from wall and door windows, efficient natural gas heat, compressed air, wash stations, and a 40’ square pad for plane and engine washing with an underground oil/water separator.

The complex includes 35 public parking spaces with AOA gated access directly to the ramp. 

The facility is currently under a long term lease to Ameriflight, a multi-national air cargo carrier. 

Ameriflight Hanger sm

Ameriflight Hanger2

 ameriflight 3 sm